Who, What and Why.
It’s time to change.

WHO we are

We are tenants.
We bring transparency to the tenant-landlord relationship.

We are landlords.
We digitize medium to long-term rental management processes.

We are a Family.
We believe in people more than in numbers.
We develop our SaaS tools based on the feedback we receive from people like you.

We are users.
We use digital tools every day, and we want to simplify complex processes to make your life easier.

We are entrepreneurs.
Much like you, we love to build new things that help people achieve their goals.

We are not limiting ourselves to property management - we want to help you find the right tenant and the right landlord, get easier access to financings, have access to the more reliable real estate professionals, and bring the entire real estate value chain together.

We are not a software house.
We do not develop projects on-premise - we focus 100% of our time on delivering value to landlords, their tenants and the entire real estate value chain.

We are dreamers

WHAT we do

We build trust.
We provide you with information you need to manage your real estate portfolio, and give your tenants the best experience possible.

We create success stories.
We help you grow your portfolio 10x faster than landlords who have not embraced the digital transformation.

We save time.
We digitize the entire rental management process thanks to the combination of a web platform for landlords and a mobile app for tenants.

We provide transparency with our platform and application.

We take complex processes, break them down into components, and provide you only with valuable actions.

We provide you with the tools for you to make better investment decisions.

We make it simple.

WHY we do what we do

We are passionate about solving complex problems and addressing valuable market needs.

We see a future in which you spend your time on value-add tasks and not wasting it on mundane and repetitive ones.

We believe in tech disruption.
We were born in the digital era, we want to apply its uniqueness to the real estate sector.

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Our Traction

October 2020
RoomMate raises € 475,000 and opens in Europe with headquarters in Luxembourg
The rental management platform, combination of the Estelle and Places products, has now 20,000 app users worldwide and over 2,500 apartments managed.
Funds are intended for further development of the platform.
January 2020
RoomMate represents Luxembourg at CES 2020
RoomMate has been one of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg representatives at the Eureka Park at CES 2020 in Las Vegas having the possibility to showcase Estelle worldwide.
October 2019
RoomMate graduates in Fit4Start in Luxembourg
RoomMate gets awarded with the program graduation, given by the Luxembourgish Ministry of the Economy, for having successfully concluded the Fit4Start program.
We get acquired as a Luxembourgish Startup.
August 2019
RoomMate Estelle is released
Web Platform for Landlords and Real Estate Agencies.
With RoomMate you can manage Tenants, share documents, create digital lease agreements, manage maintenances, get rent and expenses paid
April 2019
RoomMate takes part in Fit 4 Start in Luxembourg
RoomMate has been selected to participate at Fit 4 Start, an international accelaration program, developed by Luxinnovation and supported by Luxembourg's government
November 2018
RoomMate obtained the third place at NINI
RoomMate was classified in Third Place at the “Startup Competition Nuove Idee Nuove Imprese” and received a money prize
September 2018
RoomMate was a finalist at “Go Heroes Meet” in Maratea
RoomMate was in the Top 5 at the International event ‘Go Heroes Meet in Maratea’ and won the technical prize EY
May 2018
RoomMate is accelerated by Nana Bianca in Florence
There were four months of acceleration where, thanks to the resources of important mentorships, we entirely revamped the UI of RoomMate and set the foundation for future growth
March 2018
RoomMate was classified in first place at the ‘Innovation Day’ of Almacube
It has been the best way to conclude a year of incubation, which started by being selected from over 250 ideas
September 2017
The first version of RoomMate has been released
That’s how our adventure began. We wanted to solve the numerous problems of sharing life between roommates. Our same problems. So, we have worked really hard and created RoomMate

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"Choose your rules and manage
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