The Spaces app makes co-living

easy peasy


As a tenant, you can manage multiple shared spaces with your friends, family, university classmates, or whoever you prefer... you can manage expenses, bills, chores, shopping lists, and much more...

Using the Spaces App is very simple - you just need to download the free application, create a profile and start organising your life...

If your landlord uses the RoomMate Estelle dashboard to manage their properties, you will also be able to use the Spaces application to pay the rent, send maintenance requests, and exchange documents and messages with them.

Keep it super simple.

Keep it super simple.

SPACES Features


Manage your Expenses

Track and balance your shared expenses with your roommates, so that you can stay on top of your financial situation. You will also be able to transfer the funds to those you owe money to.


Manage your Chores

It is only fair to take turns doing the chores, and now you can track and manage whose turn it is to do what and when. Keeping track of the chores helps create accountability and builds trust.


Manage your Bills

It is now easy for you and your roommates to see what bills have been paid, and which ones are coming up soon. Financial transparency and good accounting are essential for trust.


Manage your Tasks

The to-do list on the fridge needs to be updated regularly and manually, which is so 1990s... Your shared deadlines, errands, and other daily tasks will now be shared on the Spaces app.


Manage your Private Spaces

On your Spaces profile, you will be able to manage multiple private spaces. For example, you could choose to have one with your roommates, one with your family, and one with your landlord.


Digital Payments

Paying the rent has never been easier. Through the Spaces app, you will be able to pay your rent automatically, meaning that you do not have to worry about forgetting it month after month.


Send Maintenance Requests

When something needs to be fixed in your accommodation, you can simply send a maintenance request to your landlord via the Spaces app. It will get planned into their schedule.


Communicate with all parties

Communication between tenants in a coliving space and the landlord of the accommodation just got a lot easier. Everything is linked in the app, so that you can keep track of everything during the lease.


If your landlord uses RoomMate Estelle you can:
• Pay the rent
• Share and sign all the necessary documents
• Create maintenance requests
• Manage your deposit
• and much more!

All for FREE through the RoomMate Spaces application

If your landlord does not use RoomMate Estelle to manage their real estate portfolio, you can give us their contact details and we’ll contact them for you!

You can send us their contact details here


You can send us their contact details here

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