RoomMate Support - Expenses


Expenses and the grocery list

La sezione delle spese è divisa in tre categorie

  • History

    Here you will find all the expenses of the house. Every time a roommate will add an expense, it will appear on this screen. Press each expense to have an overview.

  • Settle up

    Press each card to give or receive money. On this screen you can keep track of who still owes you some money! At the bottom of the screen you can find the ’Payments in progress’ and the ‘Past payments’, so you won’t be losing any cash flow in the house.

  • List

    An efficient shopping list: add elements with the “+” button. Select the items you bought and add them as a new expenditure, you can choose who to share each item with!

How do I add a new expense?

  • Choose the category.

    Can’t find it? Add one with the ‘Other’ button

  • Add the Name and Amount for your expense

    You can also enter more details about the expense!

    Does it consist of several items?

    Press the “+” next to the details to add elements. This function is excellent when you have several items to share (e.g. Bread, Water, Beer etc).

  • Share the expense with your roommates

    You can pick who to share the expense with, and who to share the cost of each item with.

How do I settle up?

It’s very simple! From the balance screen you can know the accounts’ status of your house. On the top of the screen you’ll be able to know exactly how much money you are owed or owe to other members and you can mark a payment towards them by pressing on their name.

You can mark a payment towards any roommate that is owed or owes money! Once the payment is accepted, RoomMate updates your accounts until nobody will be owed anything / until you’ll be all settled up.