How to use the Expenses function

Add an Expense

Press the "ADD EXPENSE" button in the center of the screen
What did you buy? Select the Expense Category
How many things did you buy? And how much did you pay? Enter Name and Amount of the Expense. In this section you can add different items to your Expense (for example if you have bought several products to share with different people)
With whom do you want to share it? Choose the people with whom to split the payment

Sections of the Expenses screen

History: all expenses in the house, up to the oldest 📜

Balance: get your money back! 💰 Click on people who owe you money or be reliable and pay off your debts.
Here you can also see the summary of past payments, because we don't make you miss anything!


I remain doubtful, how exactly does the breakeven of expenses work? 🤔

At the top of the Balance screen, you can find out how much you should have or receive. To the penny! 💵
To request or send a payment by simply click on the person you want to send or receive a payment from.
After the payment is accepted, the amount given or reimbursed will be updated 🤠