Digital Payments

How to set up digital payments

With RoomMate you can choose how to have your expenses paid, or returned.
You can choose to return them in cash outside RoomMate and settle the accounts or you can use our convenient digital payments.

What are digital payments?
By connecting your card or your account you can have your accounts paid or returned conveniently, with a click on the App.
Why is it more convenient to use them?
If a person is distant and owes you some amount of money, thanks to digital payments you can receive it instantly and easily withdraw the amount you need from your account.

If you are the only user of the shared space who has configured digital payments, you will not be able to use them, but don't worry, we'll take care of it!
We will automatically send a chat link that will take back to the configurations of digital payments, so even the laziest will just have to press it and start immediately the configuration.

Once you both have set up digital payments, everything will become very fast.
In this way we help you get your bills returned to you wherever you are or wherever the person who has to pay you back is!

How do digital payments work?
As previously written, to use them you must be sure that the friend / family member to whom you are sending or requesting money from, has configured the digital payments.

You will find digital payments inside the WALLET Card on the home page.

Let's start with the fastest and easiest way:
When you are in the expense section and want to report a payment, after selecting the recipient and entering the exact amount, pressing the button    will open a system popup that will ask you to choose whether to pay outside roommate with CASH or with PAY WITH CARD.

By selecting PAY WITH CARD (Remember that the person you are referring to must also have digital payments configured), a popup will open that will allow you to select the payment method:

a. With CARD


When selecting CARD the first time, you will be redirected to the configuration screen allowing you to send the payment, once configured you just need to press the SEND button, and in a few seconds you will have sent the money!

By selecting WALLET you will use the amount you have in your RoomMate account to send the money in a few seconds!

What is the WALLET?
In the Home press on the WALLET Card, you will find the configuration icon, the number in the red notification will indicate that some steps are missing to complete the setup.

Within the configurations you will find:
1. Personal information
2. Bank account
3. Identity verification

Personal data

By entering your personal information, you will be enabled to receive / send digital payments.

Bank account

Connecting your bank account will be needed to withdraw your money into the wallet.

Identity verification

Identity verification is used to confirm who you are.