How to use the Chores function

Add a Chore

Press the + Button at the bottom right of the screen
What do you need to clean? Enter Chore Category
How often do you have to clean? Choose the frequency of the Chore
Who should clean? Choose people and their turn orders by clicking and dragging their icons


1) How to choose the frequency of a Chore?

Rotation: when someone completes a shift, the next person immediately takes the next one with no time limit
Every N weeks: a person has N weeks to complete his shift. After the selected period the shift automatically passes to the next person

2) How does the choice of shifts work? 🤔

You can freely choose who has to do each chore. Click who has to clean first and after 🔄 You will see a preview of the different shifts! Remember: you can make changes at the top of the screen and not in the Preview 🤓