RoomMate Support - Chores


How organise turns, create new chores and understand who has to do what, every week

Managing the household chores is one of the most useful functionality for those that struggle in organising cleaning turns, various activities as, for example, taking out the trash and much more.

Chores History

The Chores History is divided in two main parts:

  • Chores to be done
  • Chores completed

The division changes if every single chore is completed or not during the current turn. For this reason, every Monday, a weekly chore will appear in the section “To be done” and the designated person will be notified.

The chores concerning you personally are underlined in green so, it will be easy to track the state of each activity.

It’s possible to add a new chore by pressing plus at the bottom right.

Moreover, it’s possible to access a detailed view of a single chore by pressing on it.

Chore Details

  • Chore Information

    Thanks to the calendar, from the page about details, it’s possible to understand how the turns will be carried out! Here, it’s possible to discover who is the designed person for the current turn and if the chore has been already completed or not.

  • Complete the chore and make some noise!

    If it is your turn, you can also mark the chore as completed. For example, if the chore hasn’t be done yet, it’s possible to contact the latecomer via chat. In this way, the house won’t get any dirtier.

  • Turns History

    At the bottom part of the section, it’s possible to check the turns history: when is the turn been completed last? It’s easy to find out with the history on your hands!

Chore Insertion

1 - Choose Category

The first step, as for other functionalities, is very easy: choose a category. If the categories don’t satisfy you, no worries: you can create a personalised category (by pressing “Other”) or modify the name of an already existing one, in the following page.

2 - Choose Frequency

As second step, it is necessary to select the frequency of each chore’s implementation. It’s possible to select between different options as weekly, bi- weekly or monthly. The period represents the length of every turn and the time left before the next person will have to get a chore done.

Change Chore’s Name

Press on the pencil by the name in order to modify it. This functionality will be very useful if you have more than one bathroom, to separate reclying bins or if you would love to give nicknames to the house rooms

3 - Turns Creation

The last step is fun: choose the turns order!

By pressing on the picture, each person will be add to the turns rotation and this will be immediately visible on the calendar below. In this phase, the calendar shows a preview of the turns allocationfor the created chore.

It’s possible to change the people’s order inside the turns cycle by holding on a person icon and moving it.

When you are done selecting turns and people’s order, the game is over: press “Enter” and the chore will be created.