How to use the Bills function

Add a Bill

Press the + Button at the bottom right of the screen
Which bill has arrived? Select the Category of the Bill
Yes, but how much do I consume? And when do I pay it? Enter the Amount, the Period and the Deadline Enter also Consumption and any Notes to show that you care 🏡

⚡ Faster than light! ⚡


1) I did something wrong. How do I edit a bill?

Click on a bill and press the pencil next to the Category. Remember, only those who have entered the bill can change it.

2) Add an expense after paying the bill. What does it mean?

When you pay a bill and want to share it with your roommates, add a simple expense.
The bill will be considered in the credit and debit calculations of the house.

3) Expired bill. And now? 🤔

Rush to pay it (if you have not already done so). Then add the Expense to get your money back.