RoomMate Support - Bills


All you need to know about bills management in RoomMate


Here you can find all your bills. Press the bill to have more information about its due date, consumption, other details and above all… to know who payed it!

Bill creation

You will be able to add some more information about your bill.

  • Provider

    Select your provider. In case you see none, inform us and we will add it.

  • Addressed to

    Select who the bill is addressed to. Is it addressed to you? Press the icon with your image.

  • Type

    How often do you receive the bill? Enter this info to complete the data about your charges.

Once you have inserted the information, you will be able to fill the empty fields depending on the kind of bill

  • Total amount

    Enter the amount of the bill. Once you’ve paid it, you can split the expense with your housemates.

  • Period

    Enter the period the bill is referring to. If you have entered the bill type (you can change it by pressing the pencil on the top right of this screen), the end period will be pre-entered.

  • Due date

    Specify when the bill expires. This info is useful to remind you when you have to pay it and when you can split the expenditure with your housemates

  • Details

    Write details about the bill. Did you pay too much? Text your housemates and remind them to turn off the lights!

  • Consumption

    Enter the consumption reported by the bill to keep track of your average consumption for each utility. We all want a green planet, don’t we?