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ESTELLE Dashboard

The ultimate Property Management software as a service for landlords, property managers, and real estate investors in medium- to long-term rentals.

The Estelle dashboard provides real estate professionals with the insights they need to manage, invest and grow their portfolio effortlessly.

We digitize the entire rental management process by combining a web platform for landlords and a mobile app for tenants. We provide transparency for all parties involved - in other words, we build trust.

Keep it super simple.

Keep it super simple.

ESTELLE Features


Manage your Portfolio

Manage your entire real estate portfolio in one platform. With Estelle, you can manage 3x the number of units, with no additional effort.


Manage your Tenants

Manage all the tenants' leasing documents with online document management and e-signature. Now, the entire leasing process can happen remotely, and take just a few minutes, instead of days.


Manage your Property Owners

Estelle is also suitable for professionals who are managing real estate portfolios on behalf of owners and investors. Having multiple stakeholders has never been easier to manage.


Manage your rent Payments

Collect the rent automatically, send notifications, and know in real-time who has paid and who is late. The objective is to avoid defaulting tenants by being proactive.


Connect your Bank Account

Connecting your bank account to Estelle allows you to seamlessly integrate all your portfolio financials in one place. Bank reconciliation has never been easier.


Manage your Maintenances

Manage all maintenance requests and communicate with all your tenants through Estelle. Make your tenants responsible for the requests they submit, and streamline your processes.


Manage your Calendars

Manage all your deadlines, whether they are legal, fiscal, or maintenance-related. Know in advance when leases will expire to anticipate vacancies and maximise occupancy rate.


Manage your Communications

Manage your communications with all your tenants throughout your portfolio. You will be able to exchange messages, documents, and photos, simplifying the entire rental management process.


Manage your Performance

Measure the performance of your portfolio with automated reports. Keep track of any & all property- or tenant-related incidents, as well as the profitability of each portfolio asset.


Manage your Vacancies

The Channel Manager will enable you to manage all your vacancies and is one of the tools that will help you increase your occupancy rate. Managing your vacancies has never been easier.

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"Choose your rules and manage your space"

"Choose your rules and manage
your space"


Wish you could do better?

Wish you could do better?

Here is how we can help!

I would like to see all payments in one place

Managing rent payments, bills and expenses is a mess, especially with several tenants across multiple locations. With your RoomMate Estelle dashboard, you can manage your entire portfolio in one place. Your tenants will pay you via the RoomMate Places application, and you will see all their payments on your dashboard in real-time.

I have too many communication channels

With RoomMate Estelle, you will be able to replace all of your communication channels such as emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger... with one single communication channel for all your tenants. Centralising all communications will also allow you to keep track of what was said and when, as well as enabling you to take immediate action in the dashboard, by using the calendar to program an event, for example.

I want to find reliable tenants

Every landlord wants to have reliable tenants, and by working with RoomMate you will have access to a community of tenants who are also looking for serious landlords. The combination of the Estelle dashboard and the Places application will empower both you and the tenants to foster a relationship of trust.

I want to manage my maintenance requests efficiently

All real estate portfolios come with their share of maintenance requests, and managing them efficiently can be a challenge. Through your Estelle dashboard, you can manage all of your maintenance requests in one place, allowing you to plan the maintenance events with the service provider and the tenant.

I want a better way to manage all my rental documents

Document management is time consuming, certainly when the same documents are requested again and again. Via your Estelle dashboard, you can store and send all the necessary documents, and your tenants will have access to them at any time via the Places application.

I wish I had a single tool to manage my entire real estate portfolio

Our clients used to use a combination of Excel, Google Drive, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, SMS, phone calls, etc... and maybe you still do too. With your Estelle dashboard, you will have an all-in-one platform to manage your entire real estate portfolio. We are continuously improving the platform to make our clients’ lives easier.

I spend too much time on invoicing every month

When done manually, invoicing is a repetitive and time consuming task, even if it is one of the most important parts of managing a real estate portfolio. Through your Estelle dashboard, invoice management for your entire portfolio is done in just two clicks, saving you time and effort every single month.

I want to know how many vacancies I have at a glance

Keeping track of vacancies can be a difficult task when you have a large real estate portfolio. When you use the Estelle dashboard, we give you the tools to maximise occupancy while helping you eliminate vacancies, by seeing which ones need to be filled. You might even be interested in listing your vacancies for the RoomMate community to see…

I want to stay on top of all my calendar events

Contract registrations, managing keys, lease deadlines and scheduling maintenance requests are only a few of the things you have to think about on a daily basis. On your Estelle dashboard, you will be able to use the calendar function to organise your days and weeks so that your operations can run smoothly. This is also connected to the Places application so that tenants can be notified when necessary.

I wish I knew how my real estate portfolio is performing

As an investor, you are very right to want to know how well your portfolio is performing. In your Estelle dashboard, you will find a report section, which will show you how well your portfolio is doing. This also applies to real estate portfolio managers who need to report to the landlords they are working for.

I would love for my tenants to pay on time

We understand that one of the biggest issues when managing a real estate portfolio is getting tenants to pay on time. Via your Estelle dashboard, you can program payment reminders to be sent out automatically to your tenants. At a glance on your dashboard, you will be able to see what rents are still outstanding.

I wish I had time to grow my real estate portfolio

Inefficient real estate portfolio management means that landlords do not have time to grow their portfolio. By using the Estelle dashboard, you will digitise and automate many of the manual and time-consuming tasks, freeing up your valuable time to acquire assets and grow your portfolio.

Got questions?

Got questions?

We can answer them!

What is RoomMate Estelle?

RoomMate Estelle is the online property management platform for managing medium to long-term rentals. With RoomMate Estelle, you can automate and digitise all the real estate portfolio management processes, from tenant and property onboarding, through rental payments and maintenance management, to document management and communications.

How does RoomMate Estelle work?

RoomMate Estelle is an online real estate property management platform that you have access to anytime and anywhere. Estelle enables you to digitise and simplify the management of your entire real estate portfolio. Through your Estelle dashboard, you are able to manage payments in real time, lease agreements, calendar deadlines, maintenance requests and all tenant communications, as well as have a real-time overview of the how your portfolio is performing.

Can I use the platform for free?

Yes, on the pricing page, simply select the "FREE" plan and register your account. No credit card details are required for the free account, and you can immediately start using Estelle to manage your portfolio. If you have more than 10 units under management, you will eventually want to upgrade to the Unit plan or transaction plan.

I am looking for a better way to manage my rentals

If you’re still using a combination of Excel, email, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, SMS and phone calls, you’ve come to the right place. With RoomMate Estelle, you can manage your entire real estate portfolio on one platform, which includes payment reconciliation maintenance request management, document management and many more functionalities. Our aim is for you to be able to grow your portfolio effortlessly and increase your ROI with technology.

Can I use Estelle for student lettings?

Of course you can! RoomMate Estelle is a complete real estate portfolio management platform, which allows you to manage all of your rentals, including student accommodation. Our clients’ portfolios range from a few apartments or rooms, to hundreds of them. Our platform is 100% scalable and you only pay for what you need. Through your Estelle dashboard, which is connected to the Places application for tenants, you will be able to manage the entire relationship digitally.

With Estelle, can I stay on top of deadlines?

Yes, this is super easy! All of your lease deadlines and the maintenance schedule of your entire portfolio are integrated into the calendar section of the platform. The notifications system will remind you and the tenants about the upcoming deadlines, so that you never miss any of them.

Is Estelle a software? Do I need to install anything?

No, Estelle is not a software, it’s a platform, which means that you don’t have to install anything. RoomMate Estelle is an online, cloud-based real estate portfolio management platform. Estelle is on the internet, which means that you use it directly from your internet browser on your computer. Just open it in your preferred web browser, from anywhere, at any time and manage your real estate portfolio.

On Estelle, can I manage different types of lease agreements?

Yes, you will be able to manage every kind of lease agreement, from student accommodation to residential rentals, whether they are entire properties or split up into beds. If you are a real estate portfolio manager, you will be able to manage everything on behalf of the owner.

Can I use Estelle if I am a real estate portfolio manager?

RoomMate Estelle was designed with you in mind. No matter what type of rented accommodation you manage, Estelle is your link with your tenants. Your Estelle dashboard also includes a complete reporting system that makes the reporting side of your job even easier, so that you will save time when creating the performance report for the landlords you work with.

I am a real estate portfolio manager. Is Estelle made for me?

Yes, RoomMate Estelle was designed to be used by people who manage real estate portfolios on behalf of owners. Estelle’s functionalities and automations make real estate portfolio management a lot more efficient, so that you can spend more time on the most value-add tasks for the landlords and the tenants.

I am looking for a property management platform

You have come to the right place. On your Estelle dashboard, you will have automatic banking reconciliation, document management and e-signature for all your lease agreements, a calendar for all your deadlines and maintenance requests, direct communication with tenants, and many more features that are directly connected to the Places application for tenants.

I use Excel to manage my rentals. What can using Estelle bring me?

Excel was not designed for real estate portfolio management. RoomMate Estelle allows you to centralise all of the processes that go into property management. Not only do we save you time and effort so that you can concentrate on the tasks that add the most value, but we also empower you to grow your portfolio by connecting you with valuable sources of information.

I am an owner and I work with a portfolio manager. What’s in it for me?

You can introduce Estelle to your portfolio manager and we will help them get your portfolio on the platform. We have a built-in reporting functionality, which gives you a complete overview of how your portfolio is performing. This will allow you toto make better investment decisions, based on historical data. Your Estelle dashboard will also give you total visibility over the cash flows in and out of your portfolio.

I am not used to using technology to run my business. Is it easy to use?

Yes, we designed RoomMate Estelle to be very user friendly and extremely intuitive. We continuously collect feedback from our clients to find out how we can make the user experience even better, and we implement the changes so the platform gets better over time. Even our Grandmothers can use it!

On Estelle, how do I manage all-inclusive rentals?

Your Estelle dashboard enables you to manage all-inclusive rentals very efficiently. You just need to insert the rental amount plus the flat monthly fee charged to the tenant. You can also manage the balance of payments at the end of the rental as well.

Can I use RoomMate Estelle for single rooms?

Yes, of course! With RoomMate Estelle you can manage any kind of rented accommodation: single rooms, double rooms, studios, whole apartments and entire buildings. Our platform is for all types of landlords and real estate portfolio managers, with portfolios of all sizes. More importantly, we have built the platform to be scalable, and the pricing model also adapts to your needs.