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Discover the app that will allow you to manage and share your life at home with your roommates

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RoomMate Tools and functions

Always keep your life at home organised

RoomMate is a free app that provides tools and necessary services in order to simplify sharing your life
Functionality of dividing expenses

Balance your expenses and track them in a clear and tidy way. In your house, you will be debt free!

Functionality of managing bills

Mantain a shared payment history of the bills and always remember the deadlines for the payments.

Functionality of chores

Establish whose turn it is to do the chores inside the house, and track who is trying to skip them!

Functionality of to- do list
To-do List

From a deadline to a simple errand, track what needs to be done at home.

Services for your RoomMate house

Ask for a home delivered cleaning service, obtain discounts on wine or request professional assistance directly at your house.

And that’s not all!

RoomMate creates a world of fun for you and your roommates.

Personal Chat
For a quick note or to discuss the next party all together, use the personal chat as the fastest way to communicate with your roommates.
The Roommies
Play with your roommies
Who is the pickiest of the house? And the most stingy? Discover it by using RoomMate and finding out more about the characters.
RoomMate Costumer Support
Always available
We offer assistance like no other. Whether it’s the middle of the night or Christmas day, rely on us: we always reply immediately.

You can’t wait to download it, can you?

All the Rommies of RoomMate

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With roommates, for roommates!

Feedback and comments are welcome and always listened to

A very easy to use app that allows you to manage the house quickly and in a very clear way. I made all my friends download it.Super recommended!!
Simple but with all the necessary features. The list associated to the expenses, the balance of accounts and modifications are really manageable. The app is really good also because it tells you, on the spot, about who is organising what!
The best app to organise sharing life between roommates. It is natural, intuitive and very easy to use. I live with 4 other girls and since we found out about this app we can’t live without it. We use it every day and it helps us with balancing our accounts equally, managing chore turns, paying bills and listing things to buy and get done. In other words, it makes sharing our life easier. 5 stars very well deserved!
Fantastic App! Simple to use. It helps avoid useless discussions for incomplete chores and for bills or grocery shopping not paid for. I recommend it!
Super useful! I recommend it for whoever lives a residential student life. I suggest it because it manages the household organisation!

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